Our Kick Start Programme

Kick Start is designed for children before they begin school to ease transition into Room 1. We are flexible about how many sessions your child may attend 4-8 sessions depending on you and your child and what works best for you both.

Sessions run every Friday from 9.00am to 10.30am. During this time children are immersed in the classroom programme and begin to develop relationships with the other students and teachers.

These timings run over a snack break so please ensure your child brings a snack to eat, drink bottle and school bag. Parents stay for the visits which allows time for you to get to know the teacher, ask any questions, share the experience, and allow your child to confidently transition by gradually becoming independent.

Tairua School Room 1

Room 1 runs a learning through play approach which builds on early child experiences and helps with a seamless and enjoyable transition into school.

Engaging in learning through play enables children to use and develop thinking skills such as problem solving, reasoning and lateral thinking. It offers opportunities to interact with others, develop communication strategies and work in collaboration with peers and adults. As children are empowered to make decisions and initiate play, they become confident and motivated learners. This in turn fosters responsibility and self-regulation. Play also provides children with many opportunities to resolve conflict, challenge unfair play and embrace diversity.

Direct focused teaching in math and literacy helps children develop early numeracy and literacy skills. Reading and writing and maths is a daily part of our programme, and this is further enhanced with music, art, Te Reo and gross motor skill sessions.

Helping Your Child Transition to School

Starting school is an exciting but sometimes daunting move. Our aim is to make your child’s transition as positive and smooth as possible. Please feel free to ask any questions and share any concerns you may have. Expect your child to be tired and maybe even a little grumpy. The following are skills/tasks it is helpful for your child to be confident with before starting school:

  • Toileting.

  • Asking questions.

  • Independently opening and using school bag, lunch box and drink bottle.

  • Recognise their name.

Children will begin school with a range of skills and knowledge already developed. Their next learning step will be provided within our classroom programme. Your most important task is to be positive and supportive to help develop a love of learning. Don’t stress about what they don’t yet know – celebrate what they do!

I look forward to meeting with you and your child. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Erin Cartwright (Mrs C)  Room 1 Teacher


Enrolment is done online via our website. Ideally, we would like your child to be enrolled 3 months prior to starting school. This allows the school time to prepare for your child.

Please complete the online enrolment form as soon as possible and bring to the office with the required documents (birth certificate or passport together with the immunisation records if applicable).


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