Tairua School Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is made up of five parent representatives who visit the school each week to keep up to date with any events or issues relating to student learning and well-being. The principal and one staff representative are also part of the Board.  

Formal Board meetings are open to the public and take place usually twice a term. Dates are advertised in the school newsletter. These meetings deal with matters such as finance, staffing, property development and future planning. The members also develop and review school policies and procedures. Contact office@tairua.school.nz if you would like to know when our next board meeting is.

The current board representatives are Dylan Curtin (Presiding Member), Carl Sanders-Edwards (Treasurer), Olga Bhana, Sabeena Tsan and Marg Northcott (Staff Rep).

To contact the Tairua BOT:

  • Email: boardchair@tairua.school.nz

  • Write to The Board of Trustees, Tairua School, 110 Main Road, Tairua 3508

  • Drop your letter to the school office marked FAO The Board of Trustees


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